GetWell: Multi-patient treatment tracker


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Keeping track of medicines is a real pill—especially when you’re a busy parent or caregiver. GetWell simplifies tracking medication and treatments for different patients, helping you easily manage durations and dosages right from your phone. It’s just what the doctor ordered for those of us juggling a family’s complex, evolving medical needs.

GetWell’s easy-to-use input and notification system simplifies caregiving right from the get-go.
Create a simple profile for each member of your family, even a pet. Then, input prescription details, including dosages, timing, and start and finish dates for the medication. You’ll be able to ensure with one glance that everyone has the right medicine at exactly the right time—and that each of your family members, even the dog, takes every last dose according to schedule. GetWell helps you get your family healthy again, while saving your sanity amid the details.

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What sets GetWell apart from other apps?

Multi-patient treatment tracker

GetWell offers you more sophistication than a simple pill tracker. Multiple sick kiddos? Ailing parent? No problem. GetWell color-codes each patient’s needs to simplify caregiving. Organize multiple treatments, each with a different medication, duration, dose frequency, and end date—and view them all in a clean and simple color-coded timetable.

Simple interface

Still wondering how managing treatment can be so easy? We believe in presenting sophisticated ideas via simple designs. That’s why we’ve built a user-friendly app that’s super simple to navigate. Each family member gets his or her own color, and you can easily view all active treatments at a glance in an easy-to-understand dosage timetable. If necessary, you can adjust doses that fall at inconvenient time, and GetWell will generate a new dosing schedule.

What makes GetWell special?

Automatic notifications

Need a reminder? No problem. No more forgotten doses—dispense doses on time every time. GetWell sends an automatic notification straight to your phone, even if your device is asleep.


Treatment details at your fingertips

It’s our mission to make looking after your loved ones easier—from ensuring each and every dose is taken on time, to helping you track where your family got treated as well as the doctors who treated you. GetWell helps you simplify follow-up by putting treatment details at your fingertips.

Six languages

GetWell is available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.